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Tommy James Photography
Tommy James Photography
Tommy James Photography
Tommy James Photography
Tommy James Photography

Wedding Photographer Coventry

Welcome to Tommy James Photography. Here, you can find the perfect photographer to capture your special day in a manner that is stylish and professional. You will want your memories of this day to last a lifetime. Tommy will make this a reality. In addition, he will do so in a way that is stress-free. When you choose Tommy, you are choosing to work alongside the finest wedding photographer Coventry has to give.


Multiple packages are available


Tommy can supply all clients with an array of packages. These are ones that can match everyone’s personal specifications and budgets. Capturing those unforgettable moments is at the heart of everything we do here. The passion expressed in the photography guarantees that there will be a lot for you to recollect years down the line.


To start the whole process off, Tommy will meet with clients in advance. It is here where he will talk about your unique requirements. He shall discuss the services as well as everything else he can do to help you get what you desire.


The packages on offer can include several things. This includes photos while getting prepared, arriving at the wedding, the actual service, family and friends, confetti throwing, the speeches and cake cutting, and that all-important first dance. Tommy provides a choice between traditional and relaxed photography, as well as black and white or colour.


Tommy can assist you with figuring out the layout and style of the photo album too. This will make it easier to create something that is unique to you. To work with the most talented wedding photographer Coventry has, please get in touch.


Bringing the fun with photo booths


Something else Tommy James can give you is the choice of introducing the fun factor to the wedding. He can do this by providing a photo booth. No good booth is complete without props however. You will be glad to know that we have everything from instruments and blow up animals to classic glasses and hats.


Photo booths function as a way of bringing in some creativity and fun to the ceremony. Guests need some time to step back and have some fun after posing for all the professional shots. Not to mention, they work wonders for those who have a habit of shying away from the cameras.


The top wedding photographer in Coventry


If you would like to get in touch with Tommy to discuss your needs, you are welcome to do so. One of the things he loves the most is hearing from prospective clients. You can get in touch by phone or email. Alternatively, you can fill out the contact form on this website or visit the Facebook page. The best wedding photographer Coventry has won’t let you down.