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The Best of 2018

The Best of 2018

Tommy James’ Best of 2018

I blinked and the year was over.  From a secretive horse and carriage, broken down vehicles, and fireworks to Marco Pierre White’s restaurant and an amateur videographer, this year has certainly been a spectacular one!

Here are a few of my favourite bits: Let’s start with Mr & Mrs. Lawson, they were the third couple from their family who have hired me to capture their special day (they’ll soon be wanting special rates!). This gives me a fantastic feeling knowing they have all been impressed with my work. This year also provided the opportunity to carry out my first woodland wedding, where the bride and groom hired an ‘Only Fools and Horses’ replica car and a Del Boy look-a-like, which I must say was pretty impressive. I also had the pleasure of capturing two, cute little dogs, that joined their respective owners at the ceremony, then was honoured to be present throughout the wedding encapsulating memories for people I’ve known for over 10 years.

I’d like to send a very warm and ginormous thank you out to each and every client from this year, for your bookings, for looking after me with delicious meals (which I appreciate enormously – beats the wife’s pasta salad) and for your continuing support with excellent reviews and recommendations. I’ve had an absolute blast.

As I know I’m now waffling on. Before you scroll through my ‘Best of 2018’ images, I would like to mention an extra special couple, Mr & Mrs. Platts. Debbie’s sister contacted me with some devastating news and then went on to explain that Debbie and her partner Sam were having a quick, turn-around wedding and it’d be in a few week’s time, and could I do the job?. Of course, I said yes! and quickly arranged a meeting with the lovely couple. I fulfilled their requirements, by providing this beautiful family, the memories they will treasure forever. They are a couple that most strive to be, courageous, loving, determined, and honest. You can find Debbie on Facebook (Nurse with the big ‘C’urse) where you can see just how remarkable herself and her family are.

Wow… if you read through all that give yourself a pat on the back, Now put your feet up and have a good look through my ‘Best of 2018’ below! A truly remarkable year. What are your favourites? let us know on social media. And don’t forget to let any special couples you know, who are planning their big day, to get in touch with us here at Tommy James photography.

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